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Personal insurance

Through Aon we offer a comprehensive range of personal insurance options including home, contents, motor vehicle, boat cover and lifestyle policies.

We can also provide you with specialist insurance options for classic cars and motorcycles.

Home insurance

Whether it's the family home, holiday house or a rental property, you need to protect your valuable investments. We can help you manage your risks and provide cover that insures you for replacement value or a nominated amount. We can provide cover for practically every scenario you can think of, be it damage or loss due to fire, earthquakes, break-ins or weather events.

Rental property insurance

As well as protecting the family home we can also cover any rental property you may own. We understand the risk involved with being a landlord.

Contents insurance

We have flexible contents insurance solutions to give you the right cover no matter what your stage in life. We’ll be on hand to help you if any of your possessions are damaged or stolen, providing quick repair or replacement.

Our insurance consultant can help you calculate the cover you need—whether it’s for your children while they’re away at university, the whole contents of the family home, or your treasured collection.

Boat insurance

We offer extremely competitive premiums, which can save you money while making sure your boat is protected. Our boat insurance includes:

  • extended third party liability of up to $5 million
  • agreed value—not based on market value, you set the sum insured
  • market leading premiums—typically 20% less than offered by others
  • a low excess
  • broad policy coverage.

Car insurance

We offer a range of personal car insurance options to meet your needs and budget.

Full Cover

The most comprehensive cover for you and your car. If you have a car accident then you’ll be covered for the damage caused to your own car as well as the any damage caused to someone else's car or property.

Third party, fire and theft 

Covers you for loss or damage caused to your car by fire or theft. You’re also covered for any damage to someone else's car or property caused during an accident.

Third party only

You can rest safe in the knowledge that if you were to accidentally cause any damage to a car or property owned by someone else then you’re covered.

Contract works insurance

Our contract works insurance protects you while you’re renovating and making structural changes to your property. It will cover you for accidental loss while construction is underway, and the cost of replacing materials supplied by your contractor.

How to apply

Contact Carol Rose or Susan Garratt at Aon for more information: