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Our partners


Since the inception of CEAS, the society has worked closely with ACENZ in promoting professional standards for consulting engineers. ACENZ and CEAS continue to collaborate in formulating written conditions of engagement for use by engineers when engaging with a client for the provision of professional services.


One of the conditions of membership of CEAS is that at least one partner or principal of the member firm is a full member of Engineering New Zealand. This condition is recognition by CEAS of the integral role played by Engineering New Zealand in the development and promotion of professional standards within the engineering profession.

IAG New Zealand Limited (Lumley Insurance)

Throughout the history of CEAS the society has engaged with the insurance industry to secure underwriting support for the various liability insurance requirements of the society’s members. While the CEAS owned company Indemnity and General Insurance Company Limited has provided some underwriting capacity for the risk of members, the bulk of capacity still comes from the commercial insurance market. Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Limited has provided the underwriting capacity that has anchored the CEAS programme for over 15 years.