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Claims process

CEAS liability insurance policies are issued on the basis of 'claims made', with the exception of Public Liability insurance.

This means that the current policy responds to a claim notification even though the event causing the possible claim happened before the inception of the current policy.

Notify your insurer straight away

You need to notify your insurer immediately about the possible claim.

As a CEAS member, providing immediate notice means contacting a member of the Aon Claims team and providing details of the circumstance.

Typical claim process

  1. In most cases the Aon team member will ask you to complete a claim form.
  2. You'll be asked to support the claim form with any relevant documentation e.g. letter of complaint from client or client’s solicitor, copy of terms of engagement etc.
  3. When Aon receive the completed claim form and supporting documentation, copies of all documentation will be forwarded to the insurer for consideration.
  4. Depending on the particular circumstances, the insurer may appoint a legal adviser from its designated panel of legal advisers.
  5. Aon will be advised of the insurer’s actions and will communicate relevant information back to you. Negotiations will continue until the situation is resolved.
  6. Resolution may well involve you, the insurer, the appointed legal adviser, a representative of the CEAS Claims Committee and the Aon Claims Team.